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For Germans: Klaus & Hildegard's day with Robin & June on 20th June 2016.

Klaus & Hildegard: the Video is below ! It was delayed by things like our Wedding Aniversary.
e.g. June's card from me, surprise presents, sapphire gifts, with secret help from friends ;-)
Friends and family who have this link can contact me for more information, including contacts.
Last update Sunday 24th December 2017 UK Time - kindness at Christmas Dinner video :-)

white strip 1700 Monday 27th June: Nice 45th (Sapphire) Anniversary day yesterday. Jack came home today. Your video is now below :-)

1130 Saturday: we can see that your cruise ship reached Hamburg at 0337 on Aidaprima Past Track, . We hope you enjoyed your tours of France, Belgium and Holland, after UK. We spent the first 9 years of our marriage in Holland, from 1971 to 1980, daughters Samantha and Saskia born there. We see Dutch friends on Holiday and annual trips to Holland. Britain has voted to leave the EEC. Listen to Andrew Neil for informed judgement. e.g. effect on UK and European politics. Who will be in our next Government ? Don't believe all you see on TV and Newspapers :-)

Belgium Jack On Wednesday we saw you coming into dock near Ostende. De Haan is where June's father, Jack, now 97, was caught by you Germans before spending a few years in Stalag Luft 8b, in Poland. As it happens, Jack was hiding in a farmhouse with his friend Sid De Haan. Jack and Sid spent most of the war years in adjacent bunks. Sid then set up SAGA Holidays that do holidays for us old people :-) Jack is well, and we hope to get Jack back home from Frimley Park Military Hospital soon.

We all wish you a safe journey back home from Hamburg including the flight to Frankfurt. Those days you chose were certainly special: Monday 20th in UK : the Summer Solstice - the longest day - with Stonehenge being closed. Friday 24th: Midsummer Day. Saturday 25th June: Armed Forces Day - celebrations in The Old Comrades Club - set up by Jack's mother. June and I joined exactly a year ago.

Click on the pictures to enlarge (or play dentist and AMRA BBQ videos). I have many more, higher resolution, and video. More here in due course.

white strip klaus trip trace klaus trip trace klaus trip photos klaus trip trace klaus trip photos klaus trip photos klaus trip photos klaus trip photos klaus trip trace klaus trip trace Stonehenge klaus trip trace Stonehenge klaus trip trace Stonehenge klaus trip trace klaus trip photos klaus trip photos klaus trip trace klaus trip photos klaus trip photos klaus trip photos klaus trip photos klaus trip photos klaus trip photos Paris 45th 45th klaus trip Dentist AMRA BBQ Kindness at Christmas Dinner

white strip

After the Dentist above is the video from our Residents Association Barbecue, the day before. It had an Indian instead of German flavour. Then some German Kindness.

Here below is the video from your visit to the UK ... Enjoy ! :-)

Klaus and Hildegard with Robin and June Kindness at Christmas Dinner

white strip

1500 Tuesday: we can see Aidaprima at Le Harve, and now know you are visiting Paris today and Holland tomorrow, before back home via Hambourg. I'll probably point Abraham in Delft to this page, Klaus. Both your email address and his have been on this site for years, and Abraham has done brilliant technical work recently in AIS tracking of Snoopy and ships. He is recently married, so younger than us. Don't forget those ruby spectacles for Hildegard and your coming "Ruby" 40th Wedding Aniversary ! Plenty of time to get this page in a form anyone is happy with. If it becomes public, the obvious place is a link from our 2016 Christmas Newsletter :-)

I had to attend to Jack (at very bottom of this page) this morning, but he is fine, and may return back from Hospital soon. After spending a few minutes on tonight's Italian homework, I will see Aenne, who is my regular consultant on German matters, like those videos near the end :-)

Late Monday: Those of you tracking us will have seen where we visited: Meeting near ship, New Forest Inn, Salisbury Cathedral, Stonehenge (briefly), Woodhenge, Motisfont Abbey, and back to the ship. Click on the pictures to enlarge. Then June and I visited Hythe Marina, to photograph their ship Aidaprima, and see John's place with Team-Joker moored outside. What a fluke this day was the summer solstice, and Stonehenge was closed, and we stumbled on David & Jeanette celibrating it ! Then back home, to unload our cameras over the coming days, and share material with those that are interested. No rush for that: "Snoopy" takes priority in the coming weeks - and pub grub with some of you, of course ;-)

Before we started the day - things like tracking the ship, our car, rain ! :-)

Could be rain all day. Suggest we start with New Forest Inn - Klaus is Boss today. See more near end.
We will have red England Supporter shopping bag and be under a blue & white striped umbrella :-)
0745 Monday 20th June 2016 UK Time - See you at 1030am UK time with umbrella and wellingtons :-)

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Robin Robin's mobile 'phone is NOT smart :-) Hi Klaus ! This page is just for us four, and any friends you choose to give the link to. e.g. fellow passengers or friends and family back in Germany. I may give it to friends who live near Southampton and have offered to meet. We will try not to exhaust you, and can get you back to your ship as soon as you wish :-)

This page remains hidden, unless you decide it could be public, perhaps linked from our Holiday page, after we've both added any nice pictures, like you at Stonehenge, standing in the rain ? :-)

June's mobile 'phone is smart, unlike mine, so she may be able to reach this page, so we can look at things like the Rain Radar map, and dodge the rain showers. Also, I will have my SPOT Trace with us, so you can see where we are, including walking from where our car is parked before we meet you. Many of the pictures link to web sites you may wish to bookmark. e.g. GPS tracking of Aidaprima, Robin, Rain Radar, or Youtube videos of German significance :-)

Most of our plans can be made on the day, dependent on weather, where you want to visit, and how far you and Hildegard wish to walk from the car. e.g. Stonehenge is OK for a brief visit, but Avebury is much more interesting, and not much further. June's dad, 97, suggested Windsor Castle, near us, but you probably don't want too much time in our car - particularly if June is driving :-)

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Click on these pictures for the latest information: Met Office Rain Radar; Aidaprima position; Robin's SPOT Trace position; Detailed UK mapping.

white strip rain Aidaprima Robin's car Detailed OS mapping

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Here is a Google map that I am marking up some places ....


Sun/cloud cover is useful. We also use "Rain Today" on but you pay for it, and it only covers UK. It gives good predictions for several hours ahead. white strip

Sun and cloud Rain Today Dinner for One Faulty Towers

white strip

Klaus: I know you will recognise "Der 90. Geburtstag" (the 90th Birthday), but tell me if any of your family and friends would like John Cleese removed :-)

white strip

Sunday morning 1800 BST Sunday evening: looking forward to seeing you tomorrow morning Klaus. I expect we will exchange texts, or even emails, after you have Wifi or cellular access. We may get early warning by seeing a visit to this page on the counters at the end. It looks as if you did a brief visit to Gronigen today. This morning, I thought you might be touring north Holland today. e.g. Wilhelmshaven, after maybe an island, then places like the Afsluit Dijk, Marken, Volendam, Keukenhoff Gardens, then Amsterdam. All familiar places to June, Walter, David and Nigel. We were workmates working in Holland in the 1970s. Earlier I'd said, in the unlikely event that you visit the beach near Den Helder, keep your eye open for one of my GPS Bottles that came ashore near there in 2004. Somehow I think it will have gone by now :-)

Jack 0745 BST Monday: See you by 1030am UK time near ship. We will have a big red English Supporters shopping bag and be under a blue and white striped umbrella. Klaus will be Boss for today, but I suggest we start somewhere dry like that nice Inn in the New Forest. Robin can have a snack, we can look at the rain radar (looks like rain all day) and decide what to do next. One idea is to see many of the sites from the car, taking pictures out the window, and only getting out when we want to. e.g. places that are undercover, like Salisbury Cathedral. We could also go further, if more like a bus tour, to places like Windsor Castle and our home: even June's 97 year old dad, who is still as bright as a button (e.g. he mowed his back lawn yesterday). Jack spent most of the war in Stalag Luft 8b, but I'll try not to mention the war too often. Oh yes, I have my wellingtons in the car, in case we need them :-)

white strip Ship on Monday

How we track visits to this page is explained at the bottom of the Snoopy page. Right now, only my wife June, daughters, and old friends Walter (Austria), David (UK) and Nigel (UK) were given the link. This is stuff that can be removed before too many people know of this page. It is so we all know roughly how many people/systems visit this page, and sometimes make a guess on who - not that it should matter too much :-)

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