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free GPS Software and mapping for navigation on Laptop, Pocket PC and Smartphone.
maps for 164 countries - to street level for all the USA; voice guidance in 12 languages.
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Home page of GPSS, the GPS Software from Sunninghill UK, and the Lovelock family business.
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Over 100 people download GPSS each day. See from what country they download.

22 AC See how to navigate with this GPS Software and a GPS . Then download GPSS and run it on your PC. It will give demonstrations of what it can do. Run it on a Laptop with a GPS, and this same GPS Software will work for real. Need a GPS ? click here for advice. Get free support, mapping for 164 countries and voice guidance in 12 languages. This includes free street level mapping for all the USA. Over 10,500 people who have tried GPSS with GPS are on the links pages. Those with a business interest in GPS should visit the business page.

Direction Finding GPS Software on Pocket PC New ! GPSS Baseline v6.95 with GPSSppc v13 for Pocket PC GPS and Smartphones.
Help us test the very latest GPSSppc. The User Guide for GPSSppc is here.
Techys can add mapping to GPSS. Tried geocaching? Even more GPSS pages are here .
See Maps from Images and use of Google Earth. HAMs see Radio and RDF pages.
"where is the book ?" - for GPSSppc or for GPSS plus help from Dave Gehman here .
"It's like having a little friend in the car with you" :-) - try speech input
"Speed Trap ! Watch your speed !" - see the speed warning page.
Try the GPSS Forum and share GPSS experience with others.

tracking people near BBC TV Centre See AVL/CHASE page for fleet management and security applications.

GPSS chase near GG bridge This GPS tracking software can track and control multiple vehicles from a fixed or mobile PC, by use of mobile 'phone, radio or satellite communications. The objects tracked may be many miles away, but seen on mapping for 164 countries - right down to "house level" maps.

GPSS can also be used in "chase" mode, guiding the driver to a mobile target.

GPSS has pioneered PC based navigation and remote tracking for the police, military, business and the public, since 1995.

Robin You will see that I am extremely "up front" about who we are, and our GPS Software business.

a strange website ? :-) Big resources are not needed to give people permission to use GPSS, or make the occasional software change. I have worked in larger companies and on larger projects than most people, and have no need to pretend what I am not. I greatly respect others who are able to be equally "up front" about themselves and their own business - however small it is - so don't be shy :-)

I would like to thank the many thousands of "enthusiasts" around the World who continue to help us test and improve GPSS. This is a family business, but it is also a great network of friends.

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