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"DVLA Funny Farm" page - under construction

Updated 1015 BST UK ( also 0915 GMT/UT/GPS Time) Saturday 2nd April 2022 UK time.
This information is in the Public Domain, hoping it will help others, and - maybe - Robin ;-)

white strip security hiding mistakes

Contents ...

1. Introduction by Robin Lovelock in Sunninghill.
2. Who IS this guy Robin Lovelock - the author of this page ?
3. Letter from Tim Burton of the DVLA.
4. Discharge Letter from Chakita.
5. Email sent to Lightwater Surgery requesting copy of their letter to DVLA on Saturday 5th February 2022.
6. Email reply from Lightwater Surgery received Monday 7th February 2022.
7. Letter from Dr Sara Jones of Lightwater Surgery to DVLA collected by Robin on Monday 7th February 2022.
8. Robin's Walk to Investigate GP Surgeries nearer to him on Wednesday 9th February 2022.
9. Companies contracted by the NHS & Local Government, like Optalis Ltd.
10. Effect on our "Charitable Work", Life, and "Well-being", and Robin Driving videos :-)
11. Timeline of events: Robin had been driving since September 2019 - and since 1964 ? :-)
12. Outstanding Questions. e.g. the Form submitted by Dr Sarah Jones to DVLA ?
13. Friday 1st April 2022: Robin can Drive Again ? Because April Fools Day ? :-)
14. Who has visited this page ?

For those using translation flags: the guy in the cartoon is saying, "Information Security is a major priority at this company. We've done a lot of stupid things we'd like to keep secret." :-) white strip

1. Introduction by Robin Lovelock in Sunninghill ...

Robin Lovelock in Sunninghill From Robin: I set up this page after my wife June and I read a letter from the DVLA ( UK Driver Vehicle Licencing Agency ) which said that I could not drive, and I had to return my driving licence to them in their provided envelope - not provided :-)

My time is precious, as is that of many people, so this page starts with material that has been in the Public Domain for years.

It is my hope that some of it will be of use to others, whoever they are, and I obviously hope it will speed up the process of mistakes being recognised, explained, and my being able to drive again :-)

printer <- Tap or Click to Print ffdvla.pdf . Many of us prefer paper ! However, paper will not follow links or play videos ... yet ! :-) white strip

2. Who IS this guy Robin Lovelock - the author of this page ?

Before reading anything in depth, it's not a bad idea to know who wrote the material, and so I start with relevant extracts from some of my many pages.

Robin Lovelock is a Grumpy Old Man I will then present evidence, such as the letters received from the DVLA, and, before that, from the lovely Chakita, on behalf of Social Services, of Windsor & Maidenhead Council.

I never received a copy of the letter that went from my Lightwater Surgery, which seems to have sparked the problem.

"Mistakes Happen", and I certainly do not want anyone used as a "scapegoat". It could have been simple "human error", or an error in a computer "I.T" ( Information Technology ) system somewhere. Hardly surpising in "Covid19 Times".

Many will be surprised at how much I put into the Public Domain in late 2015 - those "Bluebell" pages - but I like to think it did some good, resulting in important people "coming out" on their mental health problems in early 2016.

"Openess" is an effective counter-measure to secrecy being used to hide mistakes or dishonesty ;-)

As I've said for years, "I've always been crazy, since a child, and many of the guys I admire most are - in my opinion - even crazier :-) white strip

Tap or Click on images to expand them, go to relevant pages, or play a video. Security Risk ? See my career; How may systems have seen your driving licence. e.g. your Bank ? :-) white strip

Robin's business card Robin's Driving Licence Robin's Driving Licence white strip

The following is from my Home page ... white strip

Dr Strangelove Cockleshell Heroes I entered Defence Industry as an apprentice in the mid 1960s. Ferranti sent me to City University for a B.Sc in Electrical & Electronic Engineering. That's where I saw Dr Strangelove . . I became a Systems Engineer, and work included Royal Navy ship software. I worked for SHAPE as a NATO scientist through the 1970s, when GPS and the Internet were secret. See Robin's memories of STC and John Maniello . Our young family returned to the UK in 1981 and I worked for EASAMS until starting our small GPS Software business in 1994 - now a hobby. In publicity about Snoopy's Robot Boat, the Press called me a "Retired NATO Scientist". Perhaps that should have been "Mad Retired NATO Scientist" :-) white strip

The following is at the bottem of my "Coughlan Campaign" Charitable web site, , and also and near the top of the linked "Bluebell" pages - "Robin's mini-autobiography from a shrink's point of view" :-)

Robin "With those close to me affected, I feel strongly about the issues surrounding mental health. So I found your account of your stay in Bluebell Ward and your 'inside story' of the NHS mental health system in general, absolutely fascinating and extremely insightful. I really appreciate you taking the time to get in touch and I have enclosed a booklet in which I wrote a chapter about mental health when I was first elected in 2005, which you may find interesting. As your MP ...." etc. Note from Robin: Adam's is Chapter 1 of the book: "the forgotten ... new thinking on society's most vulnerable people, from the Class of 2005 Conservative MPs". Published in Oct 2006 by The Class of 2005. ISBN 0-951909-5-9 Chapter 1, "The Great Depression" is ~23 pages starts with a excellent overview of mental health within society, then concentrates on "Depression", concluding with specific recommendations, the first of which was: 1) Tackle Stigma - ending with "... my key recommendation is that national figures should speak freely about depression and mental health disorders". Maybe Adam was 10 years ahead of his time ? Famous personalities (I'm certainly not one) have signed a petition, and "come out" on their personal interest in Mental Health issues.

The following is from my AsOnTV page ...

white strip Utube video Utube video Utube video Utube video Utube video Utube video

white strip

AsOnTV Utube video

Robin has also appeared on TV a number of times, related to his charity web site , set up in 2003 to provide advice on obtaining free NHS long term care. He appeared on BBCTV's "The Politics Show", BBC News 24, and Sky TV.

However, Robin was rarely the "front man" in these broadcasts: others, far more eloquent, appeared in many more broadcasts, including Steve Squires, Derek Cole, Ian Perkins, Bleddyn Hancock, and Pam Coughlan herself.

Robin simply maintains his web pages, and puts journalists in contact with the right people.

white strip

The following is from Robin's Snoopy Robot Boat page ...

Snoopy is at home in Sunninghill, in Robin's Games Room or back garden. The boat needs proper checking and test before Snoopy's 2021 Atlantic Attempt.

Robin, June, and other Team-Joker members, have other things taking their time. e.g. Coping with Covid19 ; Health problems; That Flat Roof & Kitchen work is still on-going. June likes her tennis; Robin likes minimum hassle and spending time with Grumpy Old Men :-) Click on pictures to expand, play, or visit the relevant page. Robin claims that some of his friends, and work-mates over the years, are crazier than he. We all have our "crosses to bear", be it recent bereavement, physical health, addiction, or stigma resulting from mental health problems. Sometimes many things overlap, such as helping friends, making new ones, or doing work in the Garden . Robin prefers to just oversee work ;-) See also Walks and The Bigger Picture :-) white strip Xmas18 piccy Peter and Dick Xmas19 piccy LOSW 1 Xmas19 piccy LOSW 2 Xmas19 Tennis Bansal family friends Flat roof white strip NHSCARE Frimley Park Hosptal Visit Counter after reply to Microtransat Group Adam Afriye Gardening before a wedding white strip

3. Letter from Tim Burton at the DVLA ...

Most of us will have difficulty reading the letter below from my photo, so here it is as 3 PDF files made by June ... ffdvla1.pdf , ffdvla2.pdf , ffdvla3.pdf .

4. Discharge Letter from Chakita ...

Most of us will have difficulty reading the (incomplete) letter below, so here it is in full, as 5 PDF files made by June ... ffdis1.pdf , ffdis2.pdf , ffdis3.pdf , ffdis4.pdf , ffdis5.pdf .

5. Email sent to Lightwater Surgery requesting copy of their letter to DVLA ...

This email was sent by Robin on Saturday 5th February 2022 to Admin at Lightwater Surgery ...

Subject: URGENT: copy of letter(s) from Dr Sara Jones to DVLA ref Robin Lovelock DOB 25/05/1947

Good Morning ladies. Sorry but this is urgent. Please acknowledge receipt of this email ASAP.

Then, please provide copies of all the letter(s) sent from Dr Sara Jones to the DVLA.

Ideally, you would email them to me and CC those CCd here, or, if your procedures dictate, just myself.

If there is any policy which prevents me, the patient, getting copies, please say - but I am sure there is not :-)

If possible, please provide paper copies for collection from your front desk, today, or ASAP.

The reason for this request is that, for reason(s) yet unknown, the DVLA has asked me to return my driving licence.

The obvious consequence of this is that I will need to find one of the surgeries closer to me to walk, such as Kings Corner, or Magnolia House. Maybe it is possible to be signed up to more than one ? But let us not digress :-)

On a personal note: many thanks for your professional and friendly service since 2015, and check out my youtube channel with videos of Grumpy Old Men having pub lunch at the Red Lion near you: I am usually their chauffer - not possible now :-)

Love & Strength x :-)
Take Care
Stay Safe
Robin * , ,
UK Landline: (UK+44) 01344 620775. Mobile: 07736 353 404.
Robin Lovelock, 22 Armitage Crt, Sunninghill, Ascot, Berkshire, SL59TA, England, UK. GPS Latitude,Longitude = 51.39697,-0.66005
See Contact page. e.g. Robin's car C4 GPS may carry SpotT2 SatComs tracker
Youtube videos:
* Alternates of on , , , . For add /nhscare e.g. , , etc.

from Robin on Sunday 6th February 2022. I understand Lightwater Surgury is closed at the weekends.
No auto-reply was received. Hopefully I will hear from them tomorrow. In reviewing this page, June pointed out that I'd spelt "chauffeur" incorrectly above :-)

6. Email reply from Lightwater Surgery received Monday 7th February 2022.

From Robin: for those using translation flags, the text is QUOTE:
Good Morning
The paperwork from Dr Jones is ready to collect at reception
Please bring in ID when collecting
Lightwater Surgery

Unless expressly stated otherwise, the information contained in this e-mail is confidential and is intended only for the named recipient(s). If you are not the intended recipient you must not copy, distribute, or take any action or reliance upon it. If you have received this e-mail in error, please notify the sender. Any unauthorised disclosure of the information contained in this e-mail is strictly prohibited.

The information contained in this e-mail may be subject to public disclosure under the Freedom of information Act 2000. Unless information is legally exempt from disclosure, the confidentiality of this e-mail and your reply cannot be guaranteed.


7. Letter from Dr Sara Jones of Lightwater Surgery to DVLA collected by Robin on Monday 7th February 2022 ...

Letter from Surgery This is the letter that Dr Sarah Jones sent to the DVLA, after her meeting with Robin and June, and results of the non-fasting blood test.

June has scanned it, and converted it to a printable PDF file as ffdvlas1.pdf but this image has extra information from Robin.

He is familiar with some guys not wanting to have information disclosed to others, including close relatives. He saw this with June's late father Jack Ponsford .

He understands the risks of putting such information into the Public Domain, including leaking to insurance companies.

In his opinion, it is all a matter of "a balance of risks" regarding his health.

He understands that GP Surgeries, that are private businesses, contracted by the NHS, need to be careful.

Of course, June Lovelock has been present at all meetings between Robin and Doctors, at Robin's request, and some Surgery staff may not be aware of this.

Robin has not been given any detail of communication between Dr Joshi and the Surgery.

More here in due course. e.g. alternatives to taxis, such as walking or a bicycle - suggested by his close friend and ex EASAMS workmate Terry :-)

Bike to Surgery Walk to Surgery

8. Robin's Walk to Investigate GP Surgeries nearer to him on Wednesday 9th February 2022.

First a map, showing surgeries nearby; then my walk to some of them; then a long walk to Lightwater ? :-)

GP Surgeries near me

Walk to GP Surgeries near Robin

Walk to Lightwater Surgery from 22 Armitage Court

More here in due course. Maybe other places Robin visited on his walk, such as The Funeral Director and then the Butchers :-)

9. Companies contracted by the NHS & Government, like Optalis Ltd

When receiving a service, or being reccomended more of the service, it's not a bad idea to know who is paying the worker. This applies to anything, including a Hospital surgeon, your GP, nurses, and social workers. Just because it is "Free" and provided by the NHS, does not mean it might be influenced by the financial position of the provider. Social work can be difficult, particularly when dealing with alcohol or drugs, and guys with a history of violence. Visiting nice people like Robin & June might be considered a relief. Also, God Forbid that there is any "kick back" from drugs companies, when medication is prescribed - Robin is joking, of course :-)

Robin was delighted by the professional and friendly visits by Chakita and others, who he understands, were employed by Optalis Ltd , contracted by the NHS and/or local Government. You can read more of this company on the Companies House website, including it's past directors and present. See . By a lovely coincidence, their office, in Molly Millars Lane Wokingham, is where Robin's father Len Lovelock worked, as did his Uncle Ron Sharp, who ran the Laboratory. Before joining Ferranti , who sent him to City University , Robin worked for two 6-month periods at Radyne, in between those doing his ONC ( Ordinary National Certificate ) at High Wycombe Technical College - where Lord Carrington presented Robin with a book. During his spell in the laboratory, Robin was taught to write everything down in his "Engineer's Logbook" ;-)

Tap or Click on the pictures to expand - if you dare ! Many are from my "Bluebell" pages, published in late 2015. The last two are from my History page :-)

FF pictures dose FF pictures FF pictures FF pictures FF pictures FF pictures FF pictures FF pictures FF pictures FF pictures

10. Effect on our "Charitable Work", Life, and "Well-being", and Robin Driving Videos :-)

A few words and videos are here, to explain what Robin typically uses his driving licence for. e.g. to visit gardens with June, open under the National Garden Scheme (NGS) charity; visits to see friends and relatives, who may not be in the best of health; discussing overseas charity projects; providing transport for friends unable to drive; visiting DIY stores and garden centres, to buy materials for projects in the garden, and prepare for our 50th Wedding Anniversary Party; etc, etc. Don't forget those lovely trips to the West Country, visiting Pam Coughlan, and then Wales, in his car then our Camper; Visits to Chobham Common, for walks, or working with CCMFA and Surrey Wildlife Trust; Being chaufer for taking two other Grumpy Old Men to the Pub for lunch. Some of these videos show Robin driving - you can judge if he was safe :-)

Robin and June Lovelock's long weekend in Cornwall visiting James Lovelock's old place 5k run around Eton Boating Lake video white strip RAF Museum video June & Robin Lovelock's 50th Wedding Aniversary Mr Khan of Sunninghill white strip Robin talks to Uncle Bernie about Harold Sharp video of Snoopy Bray Lake Test on 3rd November 2021 Work on Chobham Common with Surrey Wildlife Trust and CCMFA

11. Timeline of events: Robin had been driving since September 2019 - and since 1964 ? :-)

This letter from the DVLA seems to be the first time Robin had been requested to stop driving since September 2019. His spell in Farnham Hospital "Funny Farm" seems to have been 3 weeks, from 26th July 2019 ( James Lovelock's Birthday ) until 15th August. Regular weekly "Pub Lunches" with at least Stuart & Richard seemed to have started the next day. Robin wonders how good they remember if someone other than Robin was chauffer ? :-)

More detail to be put here, preferably shown graphically for clarity. e.g. unformatted text as below ? :-)

2019 January  February March    April    May      June     July     August   September October  November December

     ----     ----     ----     ----     ----     ----     ---F     FF--     ----      ----     ----     ---- (Now Off Medication)

2020 January  February March    April    May      June     July     August   September October  November December
     ----     ----     ----     ----     ----     ----     ----     ----     ----      ----     ----     ----

2021 January  February March    April    May      June     July     August   September October  November December
     ----     ----     ----     ----     ----     ----     -*--     ----     ----      ----     ----     ---- (* Chakita's Discharge Letter )

2022 January  February March    April    May      June     July     August   September October  November December
     -*--     NNNN     NNNN     OK (* 13th January 2022 Meeting with Dr Sarah Jones. 

Key: ---- = 4 weeks of driving; FFF = 3 weeks in Funny Farm ( Farnham Rd Hospital ) from July 2019; N = Not permitted to Drive. OK to Drive letter.

We will all see what happens, as the days, weeks, and months go by :-)

12. Outstanding Questions. e.g. the Form submitted by Dr Sarah Jones to DVLA ? Other communications ?

Robin's letter to DVLA During the meeting with Dr Sarah Jones, in Lightwater Surgery, at 1300 on Thursday 13th January 2022, Robin's wife June remembers Dr Jones saying that the Doctor was filling out a Form for the DVLA.

However, she was unable to provide us a copy of it. She said we would need to contact the DVLA, to request a copy of it.

The letter on the right, was sent by Royal Mail recorded delivery, and was delivered the next day, Tuesday 1st March, at 0911. Robin has the DVLA guy's signature of receipt :-)

Anyone looking into the details of this case will obviously need to see all communications between Lightwater Surgury and the DVLA.

It should then reveal if any mistake were made, and if the mistake were understandable.

"Mistakes Happen", particularly when people are put under pressure.

Especially when computers are involved - and I do NOT mean those at the DVLA :-)

security hiding mistakes

13. Robin Can Drive Again. Not an April Fool's Day Joke ? :-)

This letter was received by email to Robin at 1351 BST on Friday 1st April 2022. What "further medical information" and when ?
Hopefully this is not an April Fool's Day Joke ? :-) Robin can Drive Again white strip

Friday 1st April 2022 and our Spaghetti Tree is in flower again ...

spaghetti tree June, Robin, and Spaghetti Tree Robin and June pose proudly beside the Spaghetti Tree in their back garden which continues to flower every year. The tree is now over 46 years old, having been raised from a small seed collected by June and Robin during a holiday in northern Italy in 1976. The trip was funded by NATO, we hired a Fiat 500, and Samantha, just two years old, kept shouting "Spaghetti!". We stayed in Abbano Terme near the military base inside Monte Venda - no longer secret - Google it ;-)

These Spaghetti trees, very rare outside Italy, cannot be grown from cuttings or the fruit - many have tried planting spaghetti, but with disappointing results. We've also tried tagliatelle, but that also did not grow. This particular variety is "Spaghetti Monstera Grande" - known to some seasoned gardeners as "Big Whopper". Tap or Click on us to enlarge the photos.

You can see the original BBC TV broadcast about the 1957 bumper italian spaghetti harvest if you click here or the first youtube video below.

After that are videos of Robin's early robot boats, built for Snoopy to cross the Atlantic, from UK to USA. Yes, that was Robin who saved that antelope :-) white strip spaghetti tree Man Rescues Antelope Snoopy's Cat Snoopy's Windmill Boat white strip

The piece above was first on the GPSS homepage during 1st April '98. It has had minor updates over the years :-) white strip

14. Who has visited this page ?

Robin Lovelock From Robin: It's very convenient for me, that there are so few visitors to this page: just those given the link. See map and words near end of my Home page ;-)

Visit Counter after reply to Microtransat Group The visit counters may give a rough indication on who else is visiting, or has visited, this page. I don't hide or disguise my visits, but they may appear as "Ascot", or miles away, like "Southend-on-Sea, England" (on my Lounge PC), or "West-Drayton, England" ( on the Study PC). Positions may not be accurate, but times are. These may change at any time, without control by me. e.g. if we have a power cut, or I reboot a router. So, you may see if I'm "working" in the Study, or "relaxing" in Lounge :-)

Not all visits are seen, and some browsers hide location, but you may find Revolvermaps livestats for this "DVLA Funny Farm" page of interest. There are a lot of British Nationals overseas, with elderly relatives in UK.

The video on the right shows several guys visiting my Covid19 page , shortly after I posted the link to the Microtransat forum, linked from the Snoopy Robot Boat page. That's right - Hobby activity and Charitable Causes, rather than earning money. Us Grumpy old men sometimes find that, "there are just not enough hours in the day" ;-)

© 1947-2022 Robin Lovelock. white strip

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