GPS Guided Trans-Atlantic Robot Boat
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Snoopy's Windmill Boat

Last update at 1745 on Friday 3rd November 2017

Play the 2013 Windmill Boat video to see Snoopy's first attempt to sail a windmill-powered boat ! The video shows the top-heavy boat adopting an inverted position, the rescue, and then a successful trip around the lake, using the same simple autopilot.

The picture on the right was taken on 16th March 2013, when the little boat joined Snoopy Sloop 9 on 24/7 duty - by accident: the twin brothers say "hello" as they repeatedly try to bump into each other.

Videos of Snoopy's Robot Windmill Boat follow, starting with the first in 2013. Below that are two pictures from 2013. white strip Video Snoopy's Windmill Boat in 2013 Bray Lake on 26th September 2017 Video Snoopy's Windmill Boat in November 2017 white strip

The windmill made this small boat a bit too top-heavy - but it worked for a minute or two ! :-) Snoopy's Windmill Boat

Without the windmill, this little robot boat, with the same autopilot, completed the Bray Lake Test route, of 1/3 mile, in 11.5 minutes - that's 1.75 mph. Snoopy's smallest robot boat