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Old AMRA Pictures

Last update Saturday 21st May 2022 (translation flags above)

Robin is a Grumpy Old Man ! :-) Snoopy over Armitage Court

Everyone, including Journalists: Please include "Robin's Grumpy Book on ". Familiarise yourself with the contents of the Grumpy Book. If you can then "spread the word", that's even better !

Below are some old photos from the Lovelock family albums, re-scanned in 2016.

You may enjoy Snoopy filming Armitage Court from the Air :-)
My other videos include Bray Lake Watersports , Grumpy Old Men with Rockets , Red Kites from the Air , and Puppy Dog made by Robin :-)

Have a Great 2016 Everyone !

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I took these pictures of the original old house in July 1977 ...

Original Amitage Court House in July 1977

Little Samantha with my mum and dad, Len and Eve Lovelock, after 22 Armitage Court was finished by Easter 1978 ...

22 Amitage Court House in at Easter 1978

Samantha hones her brick laying skills, before building our extention, for Games Room and new kitchen, in 1981 ...

Samantha starts bricklaying of our extention in 1981

A cycle ride in Windsor Great Park, in the Summer of 1983(?). By this time Michelle had overcome the mental trauma of her improvised front seat :-)

A cycle ride in Windsor Great Park

Christmas 1986(?) in the Games Room with the boys: Andrew and Neil from next door, and cousin Paul in middle. Saskia blowing a raspberry :-)

Christmas in the Games Room in Christmas 1982 (?)

Saskia with St Michael's School class mates, friends and neighbours ...

Saskia with St Michael's School class mates, friends and neighbours.

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from an old hidden AMRA page ...

The following is from an old AMRA page that I set up years ago. I've removed things like contact details of the AMRA Committee. Few people are likely to visit this page, now that it is public, but if anyone wants something removed or changed, please email me.

The AMRA Home Page -

Updated 1600 Friday 20th September 2002 <--- NOTE THIS IS VERY OLD :-)

Robin BBQ 2001 Hi ! I'm Robin Lovelock, living with my wife June, and our three grown-up daughters at 22 Armitage Court. 2000 to 2002 is my "second tour" on the AMRA Committee, the first being in 1985, and in 2000 I thought it was about time to host an AMRA web site on my business one. May seem a bit daft, when we all live so close to each other, but it's a convenient way to share news and pictures, and supplement the occasional AMRA Newsletter we pop in your door. Some of you who leave Sunninghill, particularly if leaving the UK - we often have Americans renting here - may want to visit this site for reasons of nostalgia :-) You will recognise familiar faces in this years committee, but we have all had a change of role. I've certainly got a tough act to follow, having moved from Chairman to Social Secretary - the post done so brilliantly by Jude Bell - including her talent to arrange hot and sunny weather for each years barbecue :-)

Maureen Wicks

Most, if not all of you reading this, will already know of the sudden and tragic loss of Maureen, who died on 19th February. Our hearts are with Stewart during the difficult times ahead. Maureen was loved and respected by all of us, and was an active member of the AMRA community. Maureen had served on the AMRA Committee including as Chair Person. We will all remember her charm, wit, and vivacious manner. Maureen would have been both pleased and proud to see the packed St Michaels church on 1st March, and hear the eloquent and loving words spoken by her son. I will particularly remember her warm, friendly manner and her jolly laughter. Thankyou Maureen.

Next Event: Saturday 19 Oct - "Indian Summer"

Your AMRA Rep. will be around selling tickets at £12.50 each to this, our next social event, very soon. Not tried good Indian food yet ? As always, the Raj Vooj are expected to provide a lovely meal with popular dishes like Chicken Tikka Masala. The Rabin family will organise the Quiz again - with much good-natured banter expected between tables. You may invite friends or relatives, but tickets will be sold on a "first come - first serve" basis - so don’t miss out - mark the 19th in your diary now :-)

Queen's Golden Jubilee Barbecue on 2nd June

Did you make it to the AMRA "Queen’s Barbecue" ? - claimed by some to be the best ever.
Below are Judy, Patsy, Juliet serving, then Gerry, David B and Peter doing the "men's stuff" :-)

Robin, David S and Ian come in as the next team, the kids get entertained...

backs of heads, then three lads tuck into the ice cream :-)

Yet another fantastic BBQ - the third year in a row with lovely weather ! :-) 91 adults and 37 children - great food including the delicious strawberries, cream and ice cream prepared by the ladies - and brilliant cooking by the men :-) Many Thanks everyone.

Sorry that the few snaps above are a just a flavour of the occasion - all my digital pictures and some camcorder video are being put onto CD for those that have a PC. The Bells have a first "prototype" of the CD and we hope to circulate it soon. If you also have some pictures contact Robin on 620775.

Pictures from other AMRA Social Events

For pictures of other past social events, including St David's Day Disco (above) on Saturday 2nd March, barbecues and discos in earlier years, please click here


Robin has made an AMRA CD for those of you with a PC, including those who do not have internet access. This allows you to look at all this web site without worrying about the cost of that Internet access ;-) More importantly, the CD holds camcorder video with sound, and full detail pictures from the Queen's Jubilee Barbecue.

The Bells were given an early (3rd June) prototype of the CD, but by the time you read this the better version should be available for circulation among us. If you have a CD writer, anyone may make copies for other residents, close friends and family - it's free. Maybe some of you have pictures or video to contribute ? If so, please contact Robin on 620775.

Your Old AMRA Committee


Neighbourhood Watch Representatives

Armitage Court: John Williams at #8 { REDACTED }

Murray Court: Patrick Peters at #29 { REDACTED }

Annual General Meeting

This years Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held as normal, but upstairs, at the South Ascot Village Hall: 7.30 for 8pm on Monday 29th April. Free wine and cheese was provided to encourage attendance. A detailed statement of accounts for AMRA was presented, and your AMRA Committee elected. After election at the AGM of a suitable number of committee members (typically 7 to 9), they decided their roles (e.g. Chair, Secretary, etc) at the next committee meeting.

What's AMRA ?

AMRA Map AMRA (Armitage Murray Residents Association) was formed by the residents soon after the two Charles Church estates were built in '77. The main function then was to take possession of the Amenity Area in the middle, and handle issues such as insurance, tree surgery and grass cutting, etc. In more recent years it has become a useful excuse for us to get together for social events such as the summer barbecue in the amenity area, and low cost dinner/dances in places such as the Cordes Hall in the village. AMRA also occasionally acts when we need to 'join forces' such as to object to Charles Church building more houses in the wooded area.

For pictures and information about the Amenity Area - our "bigger garden" - please click here

Lower Cost House Insurance ?

Speak to your house insurer to see if they give a discount for you being in a Neighbourhood Watch area. If they say "yes" - speak to your NW co-ordinator about getting a certificate.

ARMITAGE GRIT BOX - not for our drives

- to stop us sliding onto onto road. I know it's tempting to pinch this sand for your drive, but if there's none left it risks someone sliding out onto that busy road one morning.

Poppy and Sev


Poppy and Sev Sam Bell aged 4 of Murray Court, and Poppy Sutcliffe, 3, of Armitage Court, are now International TV Stars, having appeared with their mums and Robin on a BBC World programme TV on Geocaching - the new GPS treasure hunting hobby - which Robin is a little crazy about :-) The programme is in the "Click Online" series and gets broadcast into 200 million homes on overseas TV networks. This programme is being repeated 9 times in mid January. Unfortunately it cannot be seen on TV in the UK - but the video can be seen on the BBC World web site - start by a visit to then follow the links. cache contents This site will also tell you all about Geocaching. On the left you can see Sam, using a GPS loaned by Robin to find the geocache - in the hollow tree behind him. On the right is Poppy Sutcliffe with Sev, the TV presenter. Robin is waiting for a VHS video tape from the BBC: meanwhile Jack, Robin's 82 year old father-in-law, who also appears, has seen it in his holiday hotel in Cyprus. Jude Bell has also had 'phone calls from amazed friends in Spain. If anyone in AMRA wants to borrow a GPS to give this hobby a try, give Robin a call on 620775 - he's always looking for an excuse to get away from his computer :-)

Murray Court re-surfaced !

After years of campaigning by AMRA, the terrible state of the road in Murray Court was seen to in late 2000. David Schofield received a letter dated 5th October from Ian Brownell, Team Leader Highways, of the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead "planning & environment". They've promised to come again to re-do the sloppy bits :-)

Join AMRA !

Join AMRA - only £10 p.a. - get a free key to a "bigger garden" (see below)

That's right - just £10 paid as you wish: cash, cheque or standing order. New members get a free key to the gates into the Amenity area from Armitage and Murray Courts. As members of AMRA you are able to attend any of the social events, often inviting one or two friends also. The £10 pa is well worth the cost - simply as a means of meeting neighbours. (MOST EXISTING MEMBERS PAY BY STANDING ORDER, AS THIS IS THE SIMPLEST METHOD - YOUR COMMITTEE REP CAN PROVIDE STANDING ORDER FORMS.)

AMRA Directory - 'Phone numbers

I've put this on a "hidden page" for the obvious security reasons. Just call me, Robin Lovelock, on 620775 if you want to know where it is, or want details to be added, removed or changed. This information is obviously of value - both socially, and security-wise. However I recognise there are many reasons why you may not wish to be listed here, or the details modified. This list is based on that held by the AMRA committee, but I have not included 'phone numbers unless I found them in the normal 'phone directory. So far I've only done Armitage Court :-)

Other Web Pages

Robin's GPS Software Business, for those interested, is on

You will find lots of pictures and history of Sunninghill on Robin's Sunninghill page


(c) Robin Lovelock

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from my "Contact" page ....

Robin is a Grumpy Old Man ! :-) Hi ! I'm Robin Lovelock, and little has changed on this "Contact" page for many years, other than the recent photo of me on the left. I'm a "Grumpy Old Man", born in 1947, and always pleased to get your email.

I like to start conversations with an exchange of emails, so we both know a little about each other, before we speak on the telephone or face-to-face. In the past 20+ years that I've been doing this, I've built up a huge network of friends in over 150 countries. Over 10,000 of these have used my GPS Software. So, wherever you are in the World, I may know someone within walking distance of you :-)

I retired over 10 years ago, but still help those who use my GPS Software. However, in recent years, many who contact me are interested in my Snoopy's Robot Boat hobby, or "doing good" related to my charity interests, such as in the UK, or even one or more topics on Grumpy page. I prefer direct email communication, and not via social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Robin's mobile 'phone is NOT smart :-) To e-mail me, click on or My emails are received by the desktop PC in my Study. I do NOT have a smartphone :-) I often hear emails coming in, so you may get a quick reply. Where possible, please contact me, Robin, by e-mail before making a 'phone call. You may contact June or myself on +44 1344 620775 - between 0800 and 2030 UK time, any day of the working week. If you are lucky, you may also catch us in at the weekend. If another member of the family or an answer-machine takes your call, please leave your name, reason for calling, country, and a telephone number. When away from home and office, Robin is contactable on mobile +44 7736 353404. If you 'phone, please be prepared to give your e-mail address, so I can pick up the conversation where it left off.

22 Armitage Court Our home and office address is : Sunninghill Systems, 22 Armitage Court, Sunninghill, Ascot, Berks SL5 9TA, United Kingdom.

both of us You can see us on Google Maps by clicking here You can see the entrance to Armitage Court on Google maps streetview here If you wish to visit, please email then ring us first.

If you have doubts about providing information about yourself, you may read more about us on our family page. We've lived here in Sunninghill since 1981, and hope to be here a good while longer :-)

You will probably have noticed that this web site is extremely "up front" about who we are. Giving people permission to use GPSS does not require huge resources. I have worked in larger companies and on larger projects than most people, and have no need to pretend what we are not. I greatly respect others who are able to be equally "up front" about themselves and their own business - however small it is. So don't be shy :-)

If this is important to you: is hosted on and <- remember these. The old hosting on was to end in January 2015. Your browser is on

© 1991-2016 Robin Lovelock, Sunninghill Systems. 22 Armitage Court, Sunninghill, Ascot, Berks SL5 9TA, United Kingdom.

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