from Robin Lovelock: the letter below, dated 1st July, was not made public until 10th September, when I received the reply from Jenny Mudge by email (Jenny sent a duplicate copy of her letter lost in the post). I understand all three copies of JREID1 ended up with Jenny, although his constituency office has a faxed copy on file. You may use the link above to read the reply, and judge for yourself if my letter below was understood. You may read Steve Squires analysis of her reply here. Now my letter is in the Public Domain we hope it will be brought to Dr John Reid's personal attention so that he may act on it.

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Our Ref: JREID1.RTF 1st July 2003

Dr John Reid, Health Secretary
(for the personal attention of)
House of Commons, Westminster, London SW1A 0AA
Copies: Dr John Reid via other addresses, if required.

Dear Dr Reid,

£10 billion Fraud, Coughlan and

I wish to bring, to your personal attention, and to that of anyone you have researching "Coughlan" and "Free Continuing Care". I hope you will find the information clear, detailed, and free from political bias. I recommend that you at least read the "overview" linked from the front page - a printout is enclosed here.

Elsewhere on I say, "hopefully the recent appointment of Dr John Reid as new Health Secretary means that this subject will soon get more government attention, and Tony Blair will soon be able to give it some of his time. Perhaps even John and Tony might invest a few minutes to read our simple overview. I can well understand why Alan Milburn chose to resign, and give more time to his family - with this little lot brewing up under him :-) ".

I draw your attention to "the NHS Con' Trick... Legislation, conceived during the Thatcher era, ..." within the overview. Maybe this is the time for the government to "seize the moral high ground" on this issue ? This also happens to be the legal high ground. I attended the small seminar in the Commons on 18th March (the day of the vote on Iraq), along with better known figures such as Lord Sutherland, Claire Raynor, Nicola Macintosh and Paul Burstow, MP. I have no political affiliations myself - as is explained on

I was very impressed by what I've seen of you on TV - particularly that recent "Breakfast with Frost" on the BBC. I recognize the difficulty of what lays ahead of you, but I hope you will at least "give it your best shot". If you did not appreciate the scale of the problem, and its possible remedies, perhaps you will after a visit to

I will, of course, be happy to help in any way I can, and await with interest to hear if a copy of this letter reaches you. I'm sure you will agree this letter deserved your attention.

Yours Sincerely,

Robin Lovelock