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Windsor Castle by Robin and June

Location: N 51 29.386 W 000 37.970 Difficulty: 1 Terrain: 1

The RiverThe Windsor Castle Geocache is placed near head height, behind leaves, within arm's reach of the surfaced path and a short walk from within sight of Windsor Castle. The original Windsor Castle cache was planted by Robin and June on 9th September 2001, but this is a replacement in a new spot. There is an art gallery exactly 300 metres due west of the cache, although we agreed that the exhibits on the west bank were of a far higher standard than those on the east bank.

The SpotThe cache can be reached by foot with a pleasant walk from the Castle and centre of Windsor, by simply walking over the footbridge to Eaton, and then left onto a field - from where the best views of the Castle are to be seen. So this is an option for tourist geocachers, taking a daytrip to see Windsor Castle. This is a good area for a picnic. Those with a car can choose if they want to park on the Windsor or the Eaton side of the river - where there is some free parking on the small roads.
The Long Walk If you want a really good, long stroll, take "The Long Walk" from Windsor Castle to "The Copper Horse" to find the geocache there. "The Long Walk" is about 3 miles, so that would be about eight miles there and back. However, you will find plenty in Windsor to see, including the Castle and lots of other tourists :-)

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