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Chobham Common by Robin and June

Location: N 51 22.108 W 000 35.620 Difficulty: 2 Terrain: 1

PLEASE KEEP TO THE WELL TRODDEN PATHS, and do not give geocaching a bad name by thrashing about in the heather. This is an important National Nature Reserve, so please treat it and the wildlife with respect. USEFUL TIP: if you park your car somewhere convenient less than a mile south of the lat/lon location above, like a pub car park, you may save yourself a much longer walk. The whole exercise of walking to the virtual cache, finding the geocache, then walking back to your car, should take less than an hour. Enjoy your walk and the final location :-)

Start your quest by visiting the virtual cache location above and answering the question:
What free number = abcd efghij ? = _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
k = f + e = _ , m = g - e = _ , n = M + j = _

Then look under Ivy at N me je.kgk W d fg.emn = N _ _ _ _ ._ _ _ W _ _ _ . _ _ _

Chobham Common is a large area of heather, gorse and dusty trails, between the M3 Motorway and Chobham. The area is popular with dog-walkers, horse riders and model aircraft flyers. The geocache is the usual Lovelock big tupperware box, holding instant camera, toys, etc. Have fun roaming the common - but please keep to the well-trodden paths and respect the wild-life.

You will find more Lovelock caches If you wish to contact Robin and want a reply, please email him direct on gpss@compuserve.comIf you do this through a geocaching web site, please make sure you include your email address. Robin regrets that he may not reply to those who seek to hide who they are. Please include at least your name and email address.