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Armitage Court by Robin and June

Location: N 51 23.818 W 000 39.595 Difficulty: 1 Terrain: 1

aerial photo It seemed silly NOT to include this Geocache, under the small oak tree at the front of 22 Armitage Court. The big tupperware box is just 5 yards from the position seen on this WGS84 calibrated GPSS map on the right. I guess only "GPS Nuts" will visit this Geocache, or those wanting to cadge a free cup of tea or coffee from me. There is nothing much of interest here, other than the calibrated mapping on, but it is only a short distance from much more interesting places, like Virginia Water. aerial photo You will need to be a complete idiot not to find this one easily. No need to stray more than a yard onto my property - those with long arms need not even do this. If you see me at my study window, sadly answering e-mail, lighten my day and give me a wave. Our 'phone number is +44 1344 620775 (01344 620775 within the UK). If you wish, come up and ring the doorbell - but only in daylight hours please :-)

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